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Miss Beverly Hills AKA Ameona Almund

Ameona Almund attends the "I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY CAST PARTY " hosted by Poprah @ The Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills, CA. Poprah performed the rap/song "Going In" ..It was Hot and the rest of the cast from Season 2 was there in the building. It would have been better if Diddy himself was there, but you know Diddy he prolly had something way more important to do than be around people thats just trying to work for him!

Ameona Almund visits the set of JUDGE JOE BROWN...Judge Joe Brown don't be playing around. There is no need to come into his court room thinking you are about to pull one over on him because he's NOT going for it!

Ameona hits up Mi-6 in West was straight packed up in there.,,,WALL to WALL!!!

Ameona is featured in the hot new group, Down with Webster's, "Rich Girl" music video... Filming took place in a sick to def mansion that would make anyone want to move straight in!

Ameona Almund attends the Bleeding Movie Premiere. The Movie is starring Michael Matthias, Vinnie Jones, Kat Von D,& DMX.. She was interview with Tony Tarantino!!

Photo Shoot with celebrity photographer Burris Winston

Ameona Almund attends the Los Angeles Variety Screening of AMELIA. Oscar winner, Hilary Swank, was in the about star power!

Ameona Almund attends the Los Angeles Variety Screening of 500 Days of Summer.

Ameona Almund attends the REALLY AWARDS OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY @ AREA IN WEST HOLLYWOOD.. so many reality stars... Ray J, Poprah, Prancer and Cali just to name a few where in the building!

Ameona Almund attends the Los Angeles Variety Screening of The Damned United.

Ameona Almund attends the "Who Stole The Electric Car" Premiere.

Ameona Almund attends Jasons Lee's BBQ/Pool Party. He is a GREAT Relator! He sells houses to the stars & writes about them in his Blogs!! So if you are looking to buy a house hit him up.

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