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SAG Awards After Party/Sonya Dakar SAG Gifting Suite/The Guest At Central Park West Movie Premiere



Poprah & Ameona Almund

01/22/10Sonya Dakar Spa in Beverly Hills, CA. She was honoring the women of SAG by giving the SAG members a Gifting Suite!

Ameona Almund, Kiki Shepard, Paloma, Pamela B. Hasselhoff

Ameona Almund wearing a original Chochi Fiamengo Hair Accessory....courtesy of Chochi Fiamengo

Jazsmin Lewis & Ameona Almund

Ameona Almund attends The Guest At Central Park West Movie Premiere in Beverly Hills, CA. It was honoring Dr. Martin Luther Kings Birthday.

African-American Professor Charles Watts is no longer safe in his own home. Every phone call is a potential death threat. Every stranger, a potential enemy. Still, tonight he is celebrating. After receiving the Nobel Prize for his pacifist book, The Eyes of Peace, Charles and his wife, Nina, are going forward with a dinner party in honor of Charles' achievement. That is until an unexpected guest arrives at this Central Park West address - Terrence Barlow. Terrence is a homeless drifter with a scintillating mind, a violent disposition and a long and mysterious history with Charles.Terrence exposes a different side of the peace loving Charles, and the future of all the guests will be forever changed. Written by Levy Lee Simon